Mini Project Brief – Animation Part 1 & 2


The first brief we had given to us was to create a traditional piece of animation to use on a praxinoscope type device, which I think was used to help us understand the importance of each frame in an animation, I chose to do two different animations which was a stick man walking and a fish jumping out of the water and diving back in, I enjoyed this exercise because I hadn’t done animation for a while and it got me back to remembering how it was done. (below is just an example of what I was copying whilst drawing the stick man).Image

Our second brief for animation was to create a 15 second cartoon with sound and using programmes with Flash such as Garageband as the sound editor, which seemed like a very daunting task straight away and I was correct, Flash is very difficult to handle any way without the added element of sound (albeit I have used sound in a previous flash project).


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