My Kinetic Typography


This was my attempt to make a kinetic typography on After Effects, I used the film Interstellar because I wanted a good use of voice/sound effects as opposed to visual effects and this seemed perfect because there was narration throughout the whole trailer, I originally used the Gravity trailer (which I will upload at a later point) but I decided to branch out and find my own trailer and after some searching, found Interstellar.
I have some limited knowledge on this type of motion typography because I did I really liked the lyric animations that became popular a few years ago and chose to learn about how it is done. Although this animation looks very simple, depending on the detail, it is a very time consuming piece of work but I think the outcome is always very satisfying to observe and this time round I wanted to learn more tools in After Effects.
Listening to the trailer, it obviously wants to evoke a sort of passion again for the human race to prosper as a whole because world feats such as breaking the sound barrier are mentioned (in a sound clip). For me this trailer seemed to want the audience to feel more like a child because of how space as a child was always quite a ‘cool’ thing and I think this is the angle that the Director, Christopher Nolan, wanted.


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