Design Iterations blog – Independent Dorset

Design Iterations

The first task that was given was to create an A3 poster for an independent Dorset (in groups of 3) then put it up in the foyer of our Media School and observe audience interaction with the piece, I think the aim of this was to understand where and what stands out to audiences and how they react.The first thing we did was sketch some ideas onto A3 paper and we also looked at examples of independent Scotland posters which was a good starting point because you got a feeling of what an area wanted to convey if they were to try and achieve independence. Here was the poster given to us as an example.


Viewing this image, you can see how they’re trying to evoke a feeling of patriotism by using stereotypical images associated with Scotland i.e. the ginger hair, bagpipes, kilt. The word ‘brave’, having a relation to the movie about Scottish independence: ‘Braveheart’, however the model in the poster is a woman and not a man (usually the wearer of a kilt), I think the use of a female instead of male is because a man would come across too imposing to some, possibly.

Seeing this image, I feel a poster of this theme should include imagery that is associated with that area, so that is the first thing we started with.



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