Design Iterations- Independent Dorset (Research)

Design Iterations

Planning the poster involved researching Dorset such as where it was on the map, it’s history, flags and what famous buildings/physical geography are plotted there, Durdle Door being the most prominent out of the landmarks.

Durdle Door

The ideas we sketched on to A3 paper were meant to be reminsicent of WWII posters because we aimed to insight a nostalgic patriotism but instead of the country it was for the area you live in and the desire to be independent, this meant we also had to research WWII propaganda and the measures they look to create a sense of patriotism. I think the “We Can Do It!” poster is possibly the best example of what we wanted to achieve:


At the end, we decided to go with a design that involved drawing a map of the UK with the country itself being a jigsaw puzzle, with each jigsaw piece being a county. The original concept involved a jigsaw puzzle with one piece (Dorset) being unable to fit and a hand clenched as a fist, which was implied to be the Queen with the slogan “Un-puzzle Dorset”, however the feedback we got said that the imagery with the queen was too aggressive and the slogan was not very good. Taking on this feedback we did keep the jigsaw puzzle concept, with a slogan that was more catchy, we came up with “Some pieces aren’t meant to fit”.



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