Processing – Functions & Arrays


‘Void’- “Keyword used indicate that a function returns no value. Each function must either return a value of a specific datatype or use the keyword void to specify it returns nothing.”

The 3rd workshop we encountered was more of the same from the previous workshops, more or less going over what we had learnt so far but also gaining a deeper understanding, we did this by being given the ability to create a house shape via a function that would be drawn whenever initiated, as you can see, the code creates a basic but visible shape of a house.


The ability to use a colour palette and hue, saturation and balance (HSB) was also introduced in the workshop, but having used the Adobe Creative Suite programmes like Photoshop and Illustrator. The code below shows how I added the house as a void function into the sketch:

Which creates this image:

You can see how the house function when written within the code, acts as a singular shape, thus cutting out time writing in individual code to create each house.



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