Design Iterations- Independent Dorset (User Testing)

Design Iterations

Previously, we had observed the foyer in Weymouth House and looked around to see how people interacted with the space. We noticed that about 9/10 were walking straight through, to and from the building not taking much notice of their surroundings. The original plan was to place the posters on the door so that the audience would notice it in front of them, we did notice that people walked straight through, again, not taking much notice of their surroundings.
The decision for this was to change the location to one of three places where people remained still for a certain amount of time, which was: the elevator, behind the costa coffee and the seating area and we thought the most convenient would be outside the elevator, this is because the group believed that focus in the other areas would be aimed elsewhere e.g. the coffee at Costa and friends in the seating area.


During the 20 minute period while the poster was up, 21 people walked within the space of the elevator, there was more walking through the space altogether but we deemed it pointless to record. It worked with catching peoples attention as it was above the elevator button, so they couldn’t avoid noticing it. Within this period we also were asking for feedback from the audience who participated, some interesting comments included:

  • “Devolution”
  • “..I thought it was the Isle of Wight”
  • “Wouldn’t know if I didn’t ask”
  • “Does this mean that this part of England don’t fit with England?”

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