Design Iterations- Independent Dorset (Final)

Design Iterations
We decided to go separately because it gave us a chance to come up with more ideas and more drafts to use when deciding on the final piece, eventually we came up with these two final draft ideas, both being similar in design but with different themes. One had a nostalgic WWII style theme, it was made in mind to have a bold font and colours that stood out, as well as having an effective slogan, something that was common for propaganda posters, however some feedback stated the making the rest of the United Kingdom red was too aggressive. The picture below is an example of the style in which it was aiming to be reminiscent of:
Attack on All Fronts, CWM 19730004-030
The second draft (below) had a more modern theme with the font being thinner and more smooth, but still had the jigsaw puzzle imagery. What I liked about this was the magnifying glass on Dorset, I think this shows the viewer what to focus on as well as it looking a lot cleaner than the other draft, however the slogan from this wasn’t effective enough.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 15.35.50

This piece below was our final design, we thought the modern theme would be more effective than a retro style, we all agreed that the slogan from the other draft was more effective than “Un-Puzzle Dorset”. However, with feedback, there was the implication that the slogan was aimed at Great Britain trying to get away from Dorset.




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