Design Iterations- Independent Dorset (Reflection)

Design Iterations

Reflecting on this mini-brief, I thought it was a good way to set us up in how people react within the Weymouth House foyer and going through the thought process with what stands out to the type of people that walk through the building. This will definitely be used when creating my Processing interactive piece as I can determine where it is most effective.

Looking at the poster itself, I have thought about how we could have improved it and how we could have made it more obvious that the poster was aiming for an independent Dorset. Firstly, I had to take into consideration that the Scottish Referendum was global coverage and is a known thing, whereas Independent Dorset is non existent campaign. However if we were to make the poster more notable, I would have portrayed the rest of the United Kingdom in a negative light which I think would helped the audience identify that Dorset is pushing for the separation. As to quash the idea that the section of Dorset is something like the Isle of Wight, I would have possibly used the Dorset flag to cover the puzzle piece (below).INSERT IMAGE 1 DORSET FLAG

However, overall I am happy with the outcome of the piece, I thought the theme of using a puzzle piece was really effective with the slogan but the execution came up short.

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