Processing – Sound Idea

Design Iterations

My original idea, was to include sound merged with a video so that movement would create a sound so to get some inspiration, I researched into the correlation between motion and sound and tried to find videos of software or exhibitions in which it has already been done, and for it to be done successfully too.

An interesting video I found was a piece of software/hardware called ‘Motion Synth’ which is an external device that you connect to an iPhone or Android, this is something I would have liked to have created, but I suspect the software relies on the smartphone’s gyroscopic capabilities to create the synth effect, you can see the user rotating their hands in a spherical motion as well as back and forth.

A much more basic version of this is the theremin, I thought about whether or not there would be a possibility to create the same set up as a theremin where two hands control what sounds are created. To do this I am going to import the ‘minim’ library that includes examples that use sound, which I can try to research for a more developed idea.



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