Design Iterations – Identity and Technology

Design Iterations

When researching my idea, I wanted to find a good theme and a strong reasoning behind the idea of blurred faces, this is where the idea of identity became apparent to use as reinforcing the idea. It is apparent in recent years that technology has increasingly influenced how the world perceives identity or at least how people self identity. It almost absorbs peoples individuality as technology removes, a relevant quote (Taylor Ph. D. 2011) states that society feels “..compelled to promote and market these identities through social media. The line between person and persona, private and public self become blurred or erased completely and the so-called self-identity becomes a means of our acceptance and status.”

Another extreme use of how identity is being altered by technology is through gaming where people spend more time developing their online character’s profile and some times get into the ‘role’ of the character, (Ghosh 2013).


Taylor Ph. D., J., 2011. Technology: Is Technology Stealing Our (Self) Identities?. [online] Psychology Today. Available from: [Accessed 12 Jan. 2015].

Ghosh, P., 2013. Web ‘re-defining’ human identities. [online] BBC News. Available from: [Accessed 12 Jan. 2015].


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