Processing – User Testing

Design Iterations, Processing

After I had finished my code, the next step was to take the sketch to the Weymouth House foyer. I connected my laptop to a TV that wasn’t in use and added an external webcam, this meant I had to recode where my camera would capture the video, I did this by entering the name of the camera and the frame rate of which it should capture. As well as the camera name, the screen size also had to be changed to fit the television screen, as it came up extremely smaller.

This is the original code of the “void setup” function. There is no need to write down the camera name as it does it automatically, I had also had a small screen size so that the sketch could run quicker.


As you can see, I have changed all screen sizes to ‘displayWidth’ and ‘displayHeight’, this code automatically reformats the screen to fit to whatever it is being played through. The name was also “HD Pro Webcam C920” for the external webcam, which caused me no further problems which was one less issue.



Fortunately, in the two images you can see that the interactive piece was successful within the foyer, the tracking blurred directly over the face without issue. The depth as well did not prove to be a problem either as you can see the viewers are a fair distance away from the camera, another fortunate aspect that I was unsure about.


However, the increased size proved to be an obstacle for my code and I tried different types of various code to combat this issue but nothing seemed to work unfortunately, the code works but at a much slower rate than expected, if I had more time I would find out how to combat this issue. Shown below:

Because of this issue, I decided to create a recorded version through my computer screen so that I could show a somewhat correct way of my interactive piece in the foyer. This is how I actually wanted it to look, as you can see it tracks the face in real time without lag in any direction.


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