Processing – Feedback

Design Iterations, Processing

After I exhibited my Interactive piece within the space of Weymouth House, I asked a few participants to give me a short paragraph about my idea and what they thought of it, as well as how it could have been improved.

“I feel like the blurring of the faces in its simplicity holds a powerful message as it not only dehumanises individuals but also shows that in there interaction with the installation that we are the ones dehumanising ourselves. As a media student and somewhat of an addict to digital technology, I find this concept very relatable.”Rebecca Goodchild, Student.

“I found your interactive piece provides an interesting commentary on the current state of technology, and the way that it controls our identity.”

From reading this quote, it portrays the fact that one of my concepts and themes behind this piece have been conveyed clearly through my sketch without explanation is a very good sign that I have executed my idea successfully, which I am pleased with.

By blurring out my face, the piece made me consider how technologies create a new identity for me that may or not be representative of my actual self.”Lawrence Holmes, Student.

Again, this quote is interesting as it shows that my interactive pieces gives the user an ambiguous view of identity through technology, I think that this is actually a positive thing, it leaves the user questioning whether or not this is a good thing to have or not.

When asked about what I could improve, people stated that possibly developing the concept of identity further, one viewer stated that possibly blurring out the whole entire body would be the next plan of action, which I have to agree with and I would do this if I had more time to complete the sketch.


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