Processing – Reflection

Design Iterations, Processing

Drawing to the conclusion of the Processing/Design Iterations blog, I want to reflect on the whole unit and think about what I could have improved as well as looking at what I thought were my strengths.

I will start talking about my original idea, I wanted to include sound that would be made whenever a participant moved in either direction, I also imported ‘minim’ as it was the advised library to download for this type of sketch, personally I think this would have been a superior interactive piece in comparison to my final completed sketch. Unfortunately, time constraints caused this idea to be cancelled because I just could not learn the code on my own within the time I had left.

Firstly, I admire the fact that Processing is Open Source as well as having the ability to create such detailed art pieces; it really is a well done piece of software. As for myself, in terms of learning Processing, I think I understood the software fairly well; I had an issue with using the ‘minim’ library, as we hadn’t learnt it in the workshop but other than that, there wasn’t many issues I came up to that weren’t too time consuming. If I were to go do the unit again, I would certainly learn more of the export libraries like ‘minim’, ‘openCV’ and ‘blobDetection’, just because they offer very well done examples which can be developed on (as I did with facialDetection).

Time management on the blogging is another area where I could have been more focused on; luckily I made sure to log what code I had written and had screenshots of the sketches so I could use them for later reference but for future reference, I think I should have focused more on the detail of my blogging and used my time more efficiently.

When the time came to set up the sketch in the foyer, I connected the laptop to the television without much issue and the whole process of interaction within the space caused little issue, other than the poor latency that occurred while connected. However, it did work and responded well to the environment that I had placed it i.e. lights, people walking that could ruin the interaction.

As for the sketch itself, overall I am pleased with the outcome. It worked the exact way I wanted it too, tracing every face that is visible to the camera and ‘censors’ it out. Improvements for the sketch, adding sound to it I think would created a better atmosphere, but this is more related to my previous sketch where I wanted to create sound via movement which unfortunately proved too difficult to develop within my time frame.


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