Applied Design – Salisbury Cathedral’s Magna Carta Exhibition

Applied Design

For this unit, I was given the task to create an app for Salisbury Cathedral’s Magna Carta exhibition. The requirements for this involves the ability to interact with the user as they walk around the cathedral, with the possibility of Geo-location. We will be put into groups of 7/8 and will each individually design something that will be on the app, some example of ideas that they showed in the presentation were: a puzzle, game or treasure hunt.

To gain a better knowledge of what the Magna Carta is, we are going on a trip to Salisbury Cathedral to visit the exhibit and I will look online as well for inspiration. Personally, I am looking forward to this unit and I hope to maximise my knowledge in XCode to get the best out of the app, it will be interesting to see what my final outcome is.

Visitors view the Magna Carta in the Chapter House

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